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16 Mei 2013

I'm Fariz

Salam and greetings everyone,

I'm Fariz, a cartoonist who love to share stories and current issue in self-made artwork. Yes. Any fun and good story I will share in creative ways, so you just have to sit back, relax and enjoy the show. But, it will be so awesome if you would share anything you want to share or thoughts or comments. I would be so grateful to have some feedback from you.

For the artwork above, I made it in iPad. Definitely all the progress are worked in iPad, from line art to the final touch. Although, I love to draw on a paper.

I'm doing both English and Malay language in my recent artworks. Whats more, I sometimes make small grammatical changes to better match the flow of a story.

Thats it, I will see you in my next post. InsyaAllah.


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