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7 Januari 2011

My DSLR Nikon D90

Nikon D90 Specs
- AF-S DX VR Zoom Nikkor ED 18-200mm F3.5-5.6G (IF) lens with optical image stabilizer
- 12.3 Megapixel resolution
- DX-format CMOS image sensor
- HD 720/24p with HDMI output
- ISO Range : 100 to 6400

 First Impression:
As a heavy user of Canon DSLRs, it’s always a bit difficult to jump on another DSLR (whatever brand it is), and after many years using the same brand you tend to build some bonds difficult to break… However, I admit that I’m amazed by the D90… Really, the Nikon D90 has nothing to be ashamed of compared to a 40D or 50D. Once you get used to Nikon’s grip and your hands learn how to hold it(an important factor in choosing a DSLR), and the D90 feels like a powerful weapon ready to be fired…..
With an excellent built quality in different domains like the obvious selection of material but also with its overall ergonomic and a brilliantly informative LCD monitor, the D90 provides you only what other high ends models offer.

To give you two little examples, the first is with the large LCD, and more presicly with the huge amount of information that it provides like the deadly accurate battery meter icon. Rather then being divided in two or three different marks, the D90 offers five in total. This may sound stupid for some, but as far as I’m concerned I loved knowing exactly how much battery life I have left when I’m shooting for a long period of time.

Another convenient feature is the quick settings resets that can be operated directly from the camera body without the need to go through all the menus. Just press the two control buttons marked with a green dot for a few seconds and VOILA! Your camera is back to default, perfect if you happen to be like me and still a bit lost in some setting, or if share your camera with people who love messing around with settings… (This feature is also available on various other Nikon cameras.)

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